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Please Give Feedback on the Chichester Local Plan Review (A recommended action)

What Feedback do the FoCW Recommend Giving? Elements of the review that FoCW supporters will particularly wish to give feedback on. A key comment we should make is the need for a more Integrated Transport Plan with a focus on increased public transport, better walking and cycling – instead this document gives us changes to every junction which impact…

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Wildlife on the Path

The Friends of centurion way are interested in researching the biodiversity of the path. Records of which could help the achieve path classification as a wildlife corridor? Philip Maber has invested in a miniaturised infrared wildlife camera that will occasional be located where animal tracks can be seen by day, so we can discover what…

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Linden Miller Public Exhibition of Plans 31st Jan 3pm – 7.30pm Baptist Church, 124 Sherborne Road

On the 31st January between 3pm and 7.30 Linden and Miller homes will be presenting plans for their “Reserved matters proposals for two residential applications (circa 160 homes) and sports pitches”. We recommend anyone interested in the planning of the new development attends. For full details of the event you may go to the developers…

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Can you provide Biodiversity Records so we can have Centurion Way Classified as a Wildlife Corridor?

Sarah Hughes is the Community Wildlife Officer for Chichester District Council. She has contacted Sarah Sharp (our Green City Councillor) to ask if she knows local people who can give information about types of animals that use ‘Wildlife Corridors’ in the Chichester area. If path users can report what wildlife is seen on Centurion Way…

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